Priyanka Sarmacharjee’s FeelPretty a Made in India Brand

While she was growing up in Assam’s Karimganj, Priyanka Sarmacharjee had no idea that two things she loved could be so much in conflict with each other. Priyanka had already been dreaming big. Of being a beauty influencer one day, of making others pretty and telling others how to make the world even prettier. But little did the small girl know how the industry she dreamed to be a part of, spells doom for the other thing she utterly loved. Animals.

At What Cost?

Priyanka Sarmacharjee had an urge inside her, to let everyone know how to bring the perfect brush stroke, how to choose the perfect shade for a base, how to look natural but chic. She had that fairy godmother inside of her whose mission was to make all Cinderellas look like the princesses they actually were. She picked up her mother’s makeup kit, asked her to take up the video camera and made
her first makeup tutorial. But, her dream turned into a nightmare the day she came to know what great cost animals pay for even the simplest of makeup products. Even today, most makeup brands use products that are chemically tested on animals first. Even if the products are not tested on animals, some or the other raw material is definitely tested. The types of tests performed on animals include acute toxicity testing, eye and skin irritation testing, skin sensitivity testing, carcinogenicity testing and re-productivity and developmental toxicity testing. Numerous studies have shown that the effectiveness of these tests arelimited, and valid alternatives exist for many of these tests.

A Resolution

Cut to Priyanka Sarmacharjee’s student days in Bangalore. Let us bypass the many hurdles and puddles that she flew over. By this time, she had transformed many brides for their most special day and her fame had spread so much that her clientele was ranging from tycoons to celebrities from different film industries of India and the television industry at large. Many actresses couldn’t trust anyone now, not even the big-ticket makeup artists, but Priyanka Sarmacharjee. She was now moving towards her dream and was training other budding makeup artists. But she had taken a resolution along with a dream. She would be absolutely cruelty-free when she launches her brand. It will make women feel pretty. But she didn’t want the world bereft of its prettiest beings, the cutest animals. She wouldn’t hurt her mother, her first mentor. She wouldn’t hurt Mother Earth either.

Feeling pretty

As a professional, Priyanka had seen how the market was flooded by big foreign brands. Many of these were not affordable. She had seen Kylie Jenner become a fashion and makeup mughal and she was almost Priyanka’s age. On the other hand, she was getting inspired by brands like Huda Kattan’s Huda Beauty and PAC. Priyanka Sarmacharjee knew she had to go big. She knew she was local. Her next step was going glocal. And then GLOBAL, but with cruelty-free products. She was prepping herself up for it and did her MBA in marketing. Soon, her beauty platform Feel Pretty came into the market. It is a must-go-to store for any beauty enthusiast. Priyanka Sarmacharjee launched her own beauty brand as well. Of course, it would carry her name. ‘P’. Pristine P. Pure P. P-LASH and P-BRUSH came to the market as the premium range of eyelashes and beautiful makeup brushes. They were products in the similar quality range of Huda Beauty’s lashes and Proarteor PAC’s brushes. And with zero animal testing.

The next big thing

As the CEO of Feel Pretty, Priyanka Sarmacharjee always dared to dream big. Even in her early twenties, she is already operating all across India. Probably that is the reason why her brand has been nominated among India’s 500 best MSMEs. With her products available online now on major e-commerce sites like Flipkart and Amazon, it looks like Priyanka Sarmacharjee will soon reach at the top of her flight. She doesn’t have shackles of cruelty weighing her down.

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