Producer Vaseem Qureshi is going to inspire our young generation to get out from fantasy cricket and betting app addictions through upcoming film ‘Baazigar’

Film producer Vaseem Qureshi is gearing up for his big screen debut where he will be playing the character role of a cricket analyst named ‘Baazigar’. The film is based on a strong social awareness regarding the negative side effects of various fantasy cricket league apps, betting apps and the way to get out of these dangerous addictions. The shooting of the film already started and completed its first schedule smoothly.

The main aim of Vaseem Qureshi to make this social awareness based film is to save the current young generation of our society from the harmful addictions of various fantasy cricket league games/ betting apps. Vaseem Qureshi quoted “now-a-days wherever you go, almost every media is showcasing different kinds of fantasy cricket league apps & betting apps through various lucrative eye-catching advertisements. Our youth is gradually getting attracted to those eye-catching advertisements and getting deeply addicted to those fantasy cricket league & betting apps day by day without knowing its negative side effects. Through this film Vaseem Qureshi wants to show the way out of getting out of these addictions.

Producer Vaseem Qureshi
Producer Vaseem Qureshi

Producer Vaseem Qureshi wants to show how young talented people are getting addicted to these betting apps and losing their time, money and energy after getting into these eye catchy traps. He believes that Film is the best medium to spread any kind of positive social awareness for the highest good of our society and that’s why Vaseem Qureshi decided to make a film on this social issue. He is strongly hoping that the movie will be an eye opener for our youth and after watching the movie, our youth will get proper guidance to get out of these betting apps addictions and they will surely keep them away from these lucrative tarps. Vaseem Quireshi also quoted that “rather than focusing on film business, I am mainly focusing on how to create an awareness & positive buzz about this major social issue though this film”

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