Rahul Kumar Pandey – There is nothing called ‘small town’ Entrepreneur

Rahul Kumar Pandey
Rahul Kumar Pandey

Influencer Marketing is the ample trending nook that procures a bunch of opportunities and is the priority of many who want to attempt their arrows in this. Among few digital marketing entrepreneurs, Rahul Kumar Pandey is a pro digital marketer with a blooming voyage.

Rahul Kumar Pandey is a 25-year-old young entrepreneur who is also the founder of an Influencer marketing agency called ‘FNF MEDIA – Your Precise Digital Path’, He Born and brought up in the capital city of Bihar, Rahul chose to find his own way and formed an agency that resonated and represented his ideas.

He says :

I hail from Patna and I’m proud of being a Bihari, I think that there is nothing called ‘small town’ entrepreneur. It is the talent that matters. My suggestion for those keen to make big into tinseltown of digital marketing is to be what you are there is no need to ape anything.

Rahul Kumar Pandey started his pursuit originally as a digital marketer at the age of 20 only by taking some freelance projects from digital marketing agencies. Later, he launched his own Influencer marketing venture in late 2017 which negotiates with brands, influencers & artists and helping them through his expertise in digital marketing.

His ‘Earn From Home’ – An influencer outreach program is helping a lot of college students,housewives and a vast portion of our society who are keen to earn and work from their home. Because of his zeal and endeavors, he became an epitome thus, inspires the youth by young ideas. His company is doing great and we wish him good luck for his future.

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