Rahul Munjariya’s new film Kesariya will be released soon, music composer revealed.

Rahul Munjariya
Rahul Munjariya

Talking about Bollywood right now, perhaps this year proved to be very bad for the industry. While the film makers were harmed due to the lockdown, many sad news came also from Bollywood. Along with all this, as this bad phase is passing, some relief news is also coming out from Bollywood, most of films are being released very soon which were to be released before but the release date was extended due to the lockdown.
One of those upcoming films is Kesariya, whose music composer is Rahul Munjariya. Music composer Rahul Munjariya is one of the well-known music composers of Bollywood and Gujarati films. He has worked as composer and music producer in more than 100 Gujrati films including Tuto gayo, Rom com, Vandha villas, Shu thayu, Patel Vs Petric, Avuj rehshe till date.

Recently, he shared in an interview with the media that the film Kesariya will soon be released, which will definitely be loved by the music lovers audience. The film stars Malhar Thakar and Ritu Bhagwani in the lead roles. Also, let us tell you that the director of the film will be Dhwani Gautam. While the producer will be Jeegar Chauhan. Singers Bhoomi Trivedi and Parthiv Gohil would be singing for the the said film while Nano Dero (Devraj Gadhvi) would be in folk part.

While not giving more information about the film, the music composer said that the audience must watch the film after the release, as the music of the film will touch the hearts of the people.

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