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Railways plan to protect women, reduce theft cases

From the year 2019 till October, 768 cases of theft were reported. During the pandemic lockdown of covid, these incidents had happened till 137.

Nagpur: The Central Railway (CR) and Railway Protection Force (RPF) intensified the crime prevention measures and also busted the gangs during the detection of these cases. But the success in reducing these cases of theft came from one unexpected method. Which was also for a very different purpose.

theft cases

Overwhelmed by a nearly 79% reduction in thefts as compared to the pre-pandemic days of 2019. RPF has found that her diligent implementation of the scheme named ‘Meri Saheli’ for the safety of all women traveling alone in these trains has the potential to contribute immensely in putting a stop to all the thieves targeting the luggage of the passengers.

From the year 2019 till the month of October, around 768 cases of theft were reported. During the pandemic lockdown of covid, these incidents had happened till about 137. This is because most of the empty trains were running only till October 2020. Although there has also been an increase in theft incidents – 161 – as compared to the previous year 2020 till the month of October 2021, the passenger luggage remained safe despite the increase in the frequency of trains.

Spend Time Talking With Women

Senior Divisional Security Commissioner of Railway Protection Force whose name is Ashutosh Pandey. He has said that Railway Protection Force is inducting all the passengers of single lady in about 16 trains under the scheme named ‘Meri Saheli’. Out of which 3 coming from Vidarbha region are also included.

He has also said that the Railway Protection Force used to spend time talking to all such women in the scheme ‘Meri Saheli’ team. And the Railway Protection Force also had to take photographs to maintain the record. It also seems that this increasing presence of police in these trains has helped in reducing these incidents of thefts.

Ashutosh has also said that the non stoppage of very long distance trains at all small stations like Ajni, Itwari, Narkhed, Pandurna etc. has also helped a lot.

It has also said that most thieves prefer to board or disembark at non-descript stations where surveillance is minimal. Access control also helped a lot when testing for coronavirus.

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