Rana Lincoln Das: Self-belief is the driving force that takes you forward

After his Granddad’s passed away, Rana Lincoln Das follows his Granddad’s philosophy to overcome all hurdles.

An actor cum second-generation entrepreneur, Rana Lincoln Das with his talent and intelligence have had come a long way and accepted challenges in every step of life. However, when his maternal Grandfather Dr. David Lincoln expired.

Mr. Rana asserted that his Granddad, Dr. David Lincoln was a very nice and gentle person who taught him to be positive in life, to respect everyone and not to run after money. Born in West Bengal Kharagpur, Mr. Rana was educated in India and was selected Under-14 cricket team for the state level. Unfortunately, he suffered an injury that put an end to his cricket career. On his grandfather’s return to Goa, he joined his grandfather’s physiotherapy company and with his Granddad’s guidance & hard work, he soon promoted to the Managing Director’s post. He imparts NLP training to numerous corporate, HNIs and several celebrities.

Rana Lincoln Das
Rana Lincoln Das

Rana Lincoln’s father Mr. Jagmohan Pahuja is the Vice President of Textport Syndicate Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru who also taught him positive things in life just like his granddad. He said, “My Granddad always told me to be honest in whatever do and I do follow his advice like the golden rule.” He told he has twin uncles, named Mark & Paul Lincoln who are from his first grandmother, Patricia Judith Lincoln who love him very much. His cousins and his nieces are also close to him. Speaking of his grandparents, he said that unfortunately none of them are any more in this materialistic world and he misses them.

Rana Lincoln Das confessed that after he easily trusts people like he believed that’s why he has cheated by many people, friends, and few family members also. According to Mr. Rana, few of his friends and family members was cordial and nice with him but once their work done, they never contacted Rana. Rana recently was badly ditched by his own family member after his Grandad passed away, but Rana don’t want to mention the name because again it’s a family. The family member hasn’t only ditched also blaming him for all these incidents and called him a blackmailer, liar, and other names which he didn’t want to disclose. He said, “As an Indian, I respect elders, so don’t wish to defame my elders in public.”

Mr. Rana informed that few of family members haven’t not seen me or my Grandad after 2013 and didn’t send him or his granddad any messages or emails personally, probably they believed that Rana is looking to inherit the property of his granddad. However, he affirmed that his dad has enough money for Rana, and he didn’t need it from anyone. He believes in himself and thinks he can make money on his own as he is still young and doing lots of project plus he will continue his Grandad’s NLP business as legacy. What had hurt him most was the behaviour of his family, but he had no complaint against them. He expressed through this article that he would never contact all selfish family members in the future and wished them to be happy in their life. As Rana believes Karma would be judged by God. He believes that true love, affection from his granddad would help him continue the legacy and make him feel proud. He always believes that his shadow is there with him to guide him on every path and take him through all hurdles.

My Grandad taught me: If you are seeing a problem in other person then the problem always you as you cannot change the other person, you can change yourself only.

I love my both real heroes as they always taught me positive things only.

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