Rashid Al Shafi a veteran photographer Spills the Beans on his Life


Pictures speak louder than plain text and clicking photos is capturing the beauty. Therefore clicking photos is not less than an art, which not all are born with. Rashid Al Shafi is a known photographer based in Doha, Qatar who always wanted to play with camera since his school days. He used to develop programs to draw geometric figures. He grew up with the passion of becoming a photographer. Despite completing his graduation in technology, he decided to turn to his roots – Photography.

During his childhood, his life was confined with camera and he used to click photos to enjoy his childhood. His grandfather was a great photographer who loved clicking cool photos and he inspired the young Rashid to try his hands on the camera. He helped him explore a variety of cultures that made him visit different places and he was based in Mongolia, Russia. With time, his interest in photography soared and he was clear on his career choice. He learnt a lot from his grandfather, right from the basics to the advanced aspects of photography that inspired him to click photos like professionals. He explored the work of Annie Leibovitz and Gregory Crewdson.

He understood the art of capturing the dark moods with great contrast. He then progressed in clicking the black and white photographs of the day to day usual and added several special effects of light to make them interesting. Today, he has mastered the art of clicking photos and can catch any mood with great perfection and present them the way the world wants. His expertise in getting the art in the landscape along with the portrait photography using water and fire remains the key highlight of his photos. He carved his niche in the world of photography and he has to go a long way in Doha with his profession.

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