Rohan Solomon holds different hats in the music world – a singer, producer, and audio engineer

Rohan Solomon
Rohan Solomon

Rohan Solomon is a known name in the world of music. He holds different hats when it comes to the music domain, right from an ace singer to an audio engineer, producer and many more, he has gone steady in his field. His expertise in music speaks to volume and can be gauged with the fact that he has worked with top musicians getting the chance to work with Grammy Winning Songs. He hails from New Delhi but his global base remains in New York City.

His latest addition in the collection of his songs Without a Trace, which has the melody and strength that can make everyone glitter and enjoy the best time. Without a Trace is a soulful song where we can see him amidst nature with his guitar. You would simply love him to catch live. You can enjoy this song in all the possible places of the web, right from the YouTube channel to Apple Music, Spotify, and other places.

His popularity speaks a lot on the social media platforms as well, which means one can find him on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter along with other platforms. His incredible songs have impressed his fans and followers which keep on increasing on all the popular platforms. He remains in third position when it comes to World Indie Charts. So far all the songs he has released in the media, he is the owner of everything. Right from being a composer to doing a number of things, he is the one man army for his songs.

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