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RTO Nagpur Calls 2 Helmets Per Two Wheeler -a welcome move

In the recent court judgment to make all the auto dealers give away two helmets per two-wheelers is gaining news in the media. The officials of RTO Nagpur claimed that the biggest challenge that comes in their way is the implementation of the rule that has come the right way to get helmets of genuine ISI Certified helmets giving all the buyers. With this patter, the Road Safety Organizations would be working all across the country on different road safety issues. They said the onus of giving quality helmet now lays on Manufacturers.

When this was shifted to the dealer’s end there will be no mechanism for checking the quality of the product and that would ensure the buyer find out the genuine ISI helmet. The reason is obvious, the buyers of the two wheeler are not going to buy the helmets would be given to the two wheeler-dealer and vice a versa as they were not very keen on giving the same since they were giving away the low-quality helmets.

Talking about the development, the members of the Road Safety organization said that even people with layman aptitude can make out between a fake helmet and the one with ISI norms. So, there should be no exception in implementing the same. It said that it is the responsibility of the manufacturers to provide the helmet when they are selling away their two-wheelers in the market. It goes as per the Indian Motor Vehicle act. It said that only the manufacturers of Royal Enfield and Vespa are providing helmets.

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