Ryan Hodge an emerging star in Lifestyle & Social Enterprise

Ryan Hodge

For Ryan Hodge, entering into the lifestyle and social enterprise was not accidental. He has remained active in these fields in different social media communities and other digital platforms that helped him to emerge as an Entrepreneur who can work in these domains simultaneously creating a good balance with the two and giving away the best blend for the X generation to follow. His school and college days have been busy with various social activities, fun, adventure, and enjoyment. However, he kept one thing clear in his mind, regardless of things he did in his life, he made sure to have something tangible and constructive in it.

This made him responsible and competitive in this era which is dominated by social media and digital stuff in our day to day life. While he was growing up, he also realized the importance of social media and hence he made sure to be part of it and use the same for constructive purposes. It has become the key platform to put his views and ideas along with driving a number of social media campaigns on various pressing issues he finds across his place where he lives in the UK. He has remained the part of many CSR activities embarked upon by the top brands and companies apart from being part of local social campaigns on various issues.

His knack and understanding of various lifestyle things too have made him eligible to toy around this idea and help corporates and brands to promote themselves on the web making their presence felt in this competitive market. His vision and ideas to make the community free from various social evils have been made possible with different social media drives and campaigns, which he keeps on doing time and again to build a society free from all the menace that makes it a better place to live. He keeps on moving on this field with vigor, zeal and great enthusiasm.

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