Sangar Azeez Mohammed: A Competent Video Creator at DIY Simple 

Sangar Azeez Mohammed
Sangar Azeez Mohammed

The immediate name that comes in our mind when it comes to creating quality video content for digital marketing company called DIY Simple is none other than Sangar Azeez Mohammed. He has been raised in a simple family based at Erbil, Kurdistan region of Iraq. Having been born on 22nd Feb 1988, he completed his graduation in IT and later explored the platform of Social media that has gained momentum at that age. He always knew that the world of Social Media would rule the world and would change things.

So, he made sure that he takes up these things seriously apart from getting exposure to digital marketing and search engine optimization apart from making the videos with par excellence. With a good exposure in the field of video creation, one can seek the help of some crash courses that he knew the fact would rule the one some day or the other. He then came out with his own group Creative Ideas and DIY Simple that is basically a digital media company and it has expertise in video content creation. Since then it has been no looking back for this young man.

So, when we see him giving the best of the time and professionalism to his company, he came out with the desired content for a video that linked to a number of groups not just in the Middle East but also in Europe as clients giving a good boost to his digital marketing company. He aspires to do a huge business in this domain. And slowly and steadily he moving closer to his destination or goal. In other words, he wants to surprise and impress the whole world with his quality content creation work. For him, this is just the start as he still has to go a long way in this field.

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