Sasha Goat shares what led his to create hit songs “Kangaroo” and “Keep it Hot”

Music has the power to take you to any place you want. It can change your mood in varied ways and transform you in an instance. 

You can listen to your favorite number during a busy day at the office and breathe easier. You can tune in to your favorite radio station while being stuck in traffic and drown the pointless honking. You can even use music to bring back memories and draw positive vibes from them. 

Sasha Goat, who enjoys a lot of popularity thanks to his songs such as Keep It Hot and More High, believes in living life to the fullest at all times. Here, he tells us how music can also have therapeutic applications – carrying away your worries and diminishing your fears.

Sasha Goat
Sasha Goat

“It’s all about the influence music has on our senses as human beings,” says Sasha, who has also partnered with Blix and Hatty Maines. “All we have to do is close our eyes and allow the vibrations and beats to take over, and soon enough, we forget the real world and float away into the world we wish we were in.”

Sasha Goat is right indeed, and the impact of music on the mind has been proved scientifically as well

Neuroscience experiments conducted on volunteers found that the song Weightless by Marconi Union had a mindboggling effect on those suffering from anxiety. Labeled “the most relaxing song on Earth” by some, the song reduced stress and anxiety levels by an impressive 65% and helped participants relax their minds completely. 

“The music was, in fact, so relaxing that some women even fell asleep during the trial, prompting experts to advise people against listening to the song while driving or operating heavy machinery,” Sasha tells us, revealing how much of a difference a tune can make.

Worries and fears are a part of all of us. Even the most confident among us are weighed down by both rational and irrational fears and worries. During such times, music can prove to be just the therapy you need. 

“Yes, music therapy is a real thing. And it isn’t just a whim cooked up by us music lovers, although we’ve been relying on music to relax our minds for centuries now,” reveals Sasha. “Today, music therapy is a valid science backed by validated studies and experiments.”

To fear is human. To worry about things is pretty much a human trait too. But if you want to move beyond these negative vibes and fill your life with positivity, choose music all the time.

“Music isn’t just another stress buster. It is the ultimate stressbuster,” signs off Sasha Goat. 


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