Scope of law after graduation

LLB behind 12th degree is fast acquiring favour. Before, students who showed a great interest in LLB courses were bombarded with inquiries such as, “Why study law?” What careers are suitable for someone with an LLB degree? What is an LLB career like? Is there adequate pay? What is next after LLB? Is all there is to it to be an attorney or a judge? Therefore, if you seek employment after receiving your LLB, you will be inundated with these inquiries.

Best jobs for lawyers in India

You can practise Law and specialise in a certain area. Law delivers credentials to an expansive range of knowledge that will improve all aspects of your life. You can concentrate on several disciplines because there are so many opportunities available after receiving your LLB.

Given the current circumstances and the results from many areas, a career in Law following the epidemic will be a hoax. With the present circumstances of the thrift, fitness problems, police reforms, discrepancies in health care, and the vulnerability of small enterprises, everything will require expert legal support in the near future. Consequently, many prestigious positions are available for those with an LLB degree.

The Future

In India, the globe of work behind Law has extremely changed throughout time. Professional lawyers today represent their clients outside of courtrooms as well. Nowadays, corporate businesses, IT firms, administrative support, legal agencies, and business offices are seeking skills due to the expansion of possibilities open after obtaining a law degree.

Attorneys in India are not determined by the legislative, administrative, or judicial departments of government. Because laws are always changing, businesses must choose legal counsel that can address new regulations in various business areas. So let’s look at a few top careers following an LLB.

Best jobs for lawyers in India

Litigation Lawyer

Most lawyers often choose this as one of their top careers after earning their LLB. You must be satisfied whether it’s a 3-year LLB schedule or even a five-year BBA LLB and BA LLB timetable if you want to practise Law in courts. You will, after that, be qualified to practise Law in India. Before that you have to take different entrance exams like CLAT, AILET to pursue law in India. 

Every law graduate is required to complete an internship with a legal organisation or a senior lawyer. The average internship lasts one month. Once the internship is over, it’s crucial to register with the Bar Council. When you depart the Bar Council test and acquire your credential, of course, you can extend your own practice.

Corporate Advisor

After Law, fantastic careers are available in corporations. Among the most desirable areas for lawyers to work in is corporate Law, which is also the most widely practised field of Law. Such specialists can provide corporate company counselling by joining the organisation, working there full-time, or by starting their own legal business and providing corporate company counselling as and when needed. Seeing the diversity of opportunities it offers, this is amongst the greatest LLB job paths.

Cyber lawyer

The information technology industry is plagued by hacks, malicious assaults, and other fraudulent actions. Thus, after receiving an LLB degree, cyber Law has become one of the highly prized careers. World-class organisations (both public and private) are always in demand of cyber attorneys. Intellectual capital, data protection, cybercrimes, and digital or electronic signatures are all issues that a cyber law specialist must deal with.

Computers, the internet, and mobile devices make up the core of the cyber realms. If you want to become an expert in the subject of cyber Law, you can choose from any certification programme, certificate, or degree.

Business law

Take the choice of Commercial Law if you really want to extend your horizons. That’s one of the best careers to pursue after earning your LLB degree. With this job path having so many alternatives, you are going global. Management-related specialists are needed in every business. You can follow a specialist’s degree in enterprise administration after acquiring your legal degree. Candidates searching for top management positions after earning their LLB degree can benefit from an MBA.

People who pursue an MBA after receiving an LLB degree earn significantly more money than those with basic LLB degrees.

Business Secretary

An enterprise secretary appointment is one of the most fortunate ones open after gaining an LLB degree. After earning your LLB, register in the top company secretary courses. Recent years have seen a substantial boost in favour of the LLB+CS blend, and many recruiters now pick nominees who possess both grades. You must sign up for the certification course the Academy of Company Secretaries in India offers. You will have a lot of work options in the market if you pass all the exams.


These are the scopes that you get after graduating in Law. You should always seek these careers.

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