Shadan Farooqui: The Journey of this young man in the world of fashion

Shadan Farooqui
Shadan Farooqui

Shadan Farooqui has no background in fashion and modeling. His family has remained away from this field and they have been professionals of other fields. But for Shadan, entering into the fashion world was just accidental. He used to like fashion, always remained par in terms of the dresses he used to wear, his love for brands when it comes to attires and dresses remained on the top, which kept him close to the fashion world. On the other side, he also remained active in the gym taking care of his body and shaping it par to the requirements.

While he remained closed to the fashion world, he got an idea to start his blog about the fashion world and embark upon blog posts that talk about the different aspects of fashion. Right from spilling the beans on designs, designers, modern trends in the contemporary fashion world to the traditional ones, Shadan was quick to present his views straight that touched many hearts of the like-minded readers. He also was attracted by a couple of fashion brands who sought his help to prosper over the world wide web.

He used his social media platform to promote his blog and his work as well. Also, a fitness freak always kept his body in the right shape, which gave him the break in the fashion industry. He is also a model now and has been walking on the ramps for many brands and designers. Besides, he also appears in print and TV world in various ads making him perfect stuff for this field as well. He intends to go a long way in this field even though he takes his career in a different direction, but his connection with the fashion world would remain intact. This is just the start for this young man.

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