Shefali Bagga Mentioned in an interview what would have she done if she was at Rashami Desai’s place

Shefali Bagga was evicted from the Bigg Boss house very recently. It was Shefali’s 2nd eviction of the current season. Shefali Bagga was targeted in the house from many contestants, especially by Rashami Desai. They had some serious fights during the task. Rashami Desai even said many bad words to her. Shefali Bagga played a very strong game inside the house but still, she didn’t survive for a longer time in the Bigg boss house.

Recently, Shefali Bagga was spotted in an interview and here she said many things about the Rashami Desai and her relation with Arhaan Khan.

Shefali said that, “See, I don’t know them personally. I am not trapped there. I believe Rashami when she also said that Arhaan was there for her when she needed him. But, if whatever is said about Arhaan is true, why hasn’t Rashami responded? This is not the sign of a strong character. If I were in her place, would have pulled him apart.”

Those were pretty strong comments of Shefali Bagga about the relationship between Arhaan and Rashami.

Shefali also said many other things concerning Rashami Desai. Shefali Bagga didn’t stop over this but, she also said many things about Paras Chhabra as well.

She said, “If Paras had to retaliate to me, he could have just stuck to me, why go on my profession? He needs to know; he needs media more than media.”

Adding to her statement, she also said that, ” My journey inside during my first stay was much better than this time.”

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