Shlok Nair is changing the dynamics of the Digital Marketing and Celebrity Management

Shlok Nair 2
Shlok Nair

Okbronetwork’s main forte has been Digital marketing and Celebrity Management they create brands out of individuals and local businesses within no time

How would it feel to be famous as or as a start-up in today’s digital marketing world? Most wouldn’t know how that would feel. We recently came across India’s one of the youngest Entrepreneur/Digital Marketer and a Musician (R&B Rap artist) simultaneously who is founder & CEO of Okbronetwork has managed to take the Digital media and advertising by storm at such an early age of 21.

There are few individual’s who become businessmen & are born with business minds & are creative too. Shlok Nair, an 21 year old entrepreneur and musician from Mumbai (the city of dreams), India has recently started up one of the nation’s fastest-growing digital marketing agency i.e Okbronetwork. NAIR is gaining tremendous experience in the field of Digital media with every passing day through various Bollywood projects executed by Team Okbronetwork.

NAIR leading his company i.e Okbronetwork services encompass Copyrighting, Anti-Piracy, Digital Advertising as well as top-notch PR content creation and syndication with celebrity management in the B-Town. Shlok is also working as the Media marketing and P.R relations Head for Dadasaheb Phalke Awards (Dpiff) since the year 2017.

“Let your hardwork speak for itself. Being successful in life doesn’t mean to be recognised by everyone. Even if you can bring an impact on a few people, you are successful”, said NAIR!

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