Spearheading into the entrepreneurial world with sheer passion, love, interest and resilience is Akita Shintaro.

This 22-year-old Japanese millennial entrepreneur proves his prowess as an astute professional scaling great heights of success.

If there is one things that hasn’t disappointed massive crowds and customers across the world then it would be the new set of inventions, ideas, strategies, services, new product initiatives and many other developments across different sectors of the economy. The next gen customers are in the best position of their lives where they can order anything with a simple touch over their phone or any other gadgets. Life has become much simpler and easier for these customers, and who do you think is behind all of these developments? Well, it is the new, young, enthusiastic, gritty and passionate entrepreneurs who leave no stone unturned in making sure that they create something unique but also ensure that their invention is well accepted by masses and incorporated within majority of systems. We came across one such ace entrepreneur who has been in the league of its own, marching ahead by miles in the entrepreneurial world- AkitaShintaro.

Hailing from Japan, Akita Shintaro is an young millennial entrepreneur who has been ruling the business world through his innate skills, creative ideas, robust business strategies and stellar work ethics. After completing his graduation from Japan’s leading advanced school, Akita had massive inclination towards the business world. Little did he knew that going forward he will be able to etch his name in gold and make sure that he will beremembered in the history books of entrepreneurship. He is the CEO and founder of an leading IT company which in five years of time have employed more than 600 people. However his main business has been in the manufacturing and selling of solar panels for which they have set up a plant in China as well. Having tasted success in both of his ventures, Akita got further motivated to invest in many other niches and domains of the business sector. He started to invest is time and money in many of Japan’s leading fashion shows and in world martial arts competitions. Today Akita is invited to many well-known and prominent fashion shows of popular brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, Valentino and Chanel.

In addition to this, Akita is also exploring the world of F&B industry, where he is determined to open few of his own restaurants in Dubai and Singapore. He has swiftly become an familiar face not only in the business world but also within circles of many political figures and celebrity world. We hope he continues to roar high and achieve great success going forward as well.

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