Stephen Rodrigues: The man and the mind behind the exponential rise of the real estate industry.

The kind of success and the level of expertise this talented real estate consultant has gained over the years, has only inspired more people worldwide.

They say to get into the entrepreneurial world in any niche is no walk in the park and rightfully so, looking at the immense competition that exists across business industries and fields. Some people easily get demotivated looking at how saturated some industries are, while some others find motivation even amidst this and get their resolve stronger than ever to make it big in their areas of interest. This strong determination and courage helps individuals to not only carve a unique niche for themselves, but also flourish in the same. The same could be said about the real estate industry, which has shown signs of constant growth. Though the pandemic did slow down the business worldwide, many real estate entrepreneurs came forward to adopt newer real estate strategies and methods to virtually reach their customers and offer services through virtual consultations. Thriving off of his creative and out of the box ideas in real estate is one such talented professional named Stephen Rodrigues.

The real estate industry all around the world has so far seen numerous developments and advancements, where professionals chose to flourish even amidst trying times and give in their best to attain success not only for their companies but also for the industry at large. Stephen Rodrigues did the same and today has managed to reach an influential position in his career being a certified global real estate investment consultant and also an ATD certified trainer. Providing smart consultations and guiding clients to achieve their real estate dreams has what become this talented gentleman’s mission. Hence, he puts in every possible effort in making waves in the industry and help people get nearer their real estate goals in life. Coming from two different cultural backgrounds, Stephen Rodrigues who was born in Kuwait and raised in Udupi, India, learnt and understood how businesses work and thrive in both the countries. He decided to come up with his robust real estate services and consultations that could effortlessly cater to people in UAE, India and even beyond that.

Now, he wants to impact the lives of other budding real estate entrepreneurs, consultants and professionals through his gained knowledge and experience of all these years, which has turned him into a trainer and mentor as well. We are pretty sure, under the mentorship of Stephen Rodrigues, students will be turning into success stories in the real estate world.

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