Sunil Sharma is a Fitness Trainer & Indian Entrepreneur: Leading his life as an example for all 

Sunil Sharma
Sunil Sharma

Sunil Sharma is a known Indian entrepreneur and Fitness trainer who hails from Gwalior of Indian state Madhya Pradesh. He was born and brought up in this place in April 1993. Besides being an entrepreneur, strength and conditioning coach, fitness trainer along with fitness model and Influencer. All his teenage years, he has been a fitness freak that led him to become a fitness trainer. He then got engaged himself to be a fitness trainer and later explored different areas in the fitness world in Gwalior.

While being into fitness training business, his good looks also attracted him towards fitness modeling, which enabled him to work with different brands. In the fitness world, he has remained the founder and owner of the gym called DFT Crossfit Sport Gym which is a space involved in training young people in the best way. In a sense, he was able to develop a competitive personality before the young crowd and thus able to embark himself as a leading model in this world.

He has remained an active man on social media sharing his videos and photos of his workout session along with flaunting his body before his fans and followers that kept on increasing with the passing time. Thus it helped him to embark on the social media world as an inspiring man for many thus becoming an influencer with his competitive moves. Talking about his personal life, he intends to go a long way.

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