Taking giant strides across the music industry is an emerging singer and music composer, Ghxst Vic

Enthralling millions with his colossal hits is Ghxst Vic, an aspiring music talent spiraling his way to the top.
If there is one industry which has been at the forefront of constant developments and advancements, then it is certainly the entertainment and music industry. Every year, thousands of artists make their way in the music niche with an aspiration of making it big, but how many of them do cross the line? With cut-throat competition, it has become inevitable for the next gen music artist to be on their toes and constantly deliver mesmerizing music to woo the audiences. Only pure and pro of music can establish themselves in the music industry well and make their way in the hearts of the audiences. One rising and supremely talented singer and music professional is Ghxst Vic whose melodious voice and music skills has gained much attention with his recent music creations.

Ghxst Vic
Ghxst Vic

Ghxst Vic is an extremely passion and driven singer and music artist who has created waves within the music industry with his massive hits. Enthralling millions of listeners with new catchy songs and tunes, Ghxst Vic has firmed his position in the hearts of audiences. Striking the right chord, Ghxst Vic’s understanding of sounds and rhythms has been remarkable. Being inclined towards the art and craft of music making since childhood, Ghxst Vic knew that music was his ultimate destination and would go on to make it an full-time career and profession. Working diligently hard on to hone his singing and music composing skills, Ghxst Vic persistence, tenacity, and resilience has paid off today catapulting him in many ways to become one of the most seek and sought-after music professionals in the country.

Some of his humongous hits includes songs like- On my own, Still LDN, Cully, Still LDN Intro, Leveling, Dreams Teaser Outro, and many more. All of his songs have been blockbuster hits and has propelled him to create an loyal fan base of followers. His popularity is increasing by ten-folds with each passing day.

Ghxst Vic is working on many exciting projects and songs which are due to release soon.

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