Taking over the world of music with his core singing and music abilities is Shabaz Zamani

This passionate singer and music professional from Iraq is all set to rock the music realm with his mesmerizing voice.

The last couple of decades has seen the rise of the millennials as well as the Gen Z’s which have now taken over the world with their innate talent and abilities across diverse sectors and domains of the society. The entertainment and music industry as an niche remains one of those selected fields which welcomes thousands of new music artist with each passing year. Singers, Composers, Song writers, Producers and many more have stood the test of time accumulating much fame and success. There has also been an great flurry in set of new young music artists which have provided sheer entertainment to million of audiences across the globe. We came across one such spirited singer and music professional gaining tremendous momentum and popularity within the music industry, Shabaz Zamani.

Shabaz Zamani
Shabaz Zamani

Shabaz Zamani is an passionate and driven singer and music artist from Iraq. Being inclined towards the art and craft of music making and singing since childhood, Shabaz realized his core abilities and talent in singing and pursued his dream of making it big in the music realm. He started to work diligently hard to hone his skills and develop his own special style and panache of singing. Practicing his art for long hours only made him an complete singer inching him towards success. Today, Shabaz has swiftly become one of the most promising stars of the music industry catapulting himself to garner great level of fan following around the world.

Some of his colossal hits and tracks that have garnered a special place in the hearts of audiences include- Chatr, Dunyai Mn, Trifa, Layla, Hitom, Tata Ro, Manga Shaw, Asir, Halparke, and Daykm. Shabaz also has been a influencing figure across many different social media platforms where his popularity has reached next level.

We Hope Shabaz Zamani continues his amazing magic spell over audiences enthralling many more millions. You can too listen to his songs on Spotify @ and follow him on Instagram @ shabazofficiall.

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