Taking their YouTube channel to the next level with their videos against social evils is ‘Faridabad Rockers’

The way the team at Faridabad Rockers works with a genuine intention to make people more aware of things and issues has become an inspiration for many.

With the advent of so many different industries and fields, it is a great sight to behold how people are making every possible effort to optimize opportunities to make it big in their chosen industries. One industry that, for the past few years, has only been on the rise is the social media world. Social media is a world of its own, where we find people, and content creators that strive to do something different each day, not just to entertain people but also to educate them in ways more than one. Anoop Chahal from Chandawali, Faridabad, has been doing the same and guy has he made it huge after becoming a YouTuber. Well, Anoop Chahal today is seen as one of the most promising content creators powered by his talented team, who are driven towards their goals to create content that can create more awareness in people for fighting social evils and issues.

Faridabad Rockers is an amazing YouTube channel that breathes more than 6 lakh subscribers, thanks to their entertaining and compelling content that intends to question people’s thinking towards things they need more working on. Anoop Chahal says, “I have noticed how people act overconfidently even after creating a ruckus on the road after an accident, saying they belong to particular backgrounds and communities. This is what we want to change in society. Negative attitudes lead people nowhere and it is important as humans to behave with kindness, be focused on ourselves, making efforts that can pose as inspirational examples for the world.”

This was where he thought of starting his channel Faridabad Rockers to create powerful videos that can invoke more awareness in people and help them introspect about many things in life. Along with his childhood friend Sanjay and a model named Sunny Verma, Anoop Chahal with his wife Rani Chahal, who acts in the videos and writes the script have been successfully running the channel together and have gained thousands and millions of views on their videos.

Faridabad Rockers was initiated with a genuine aim to create awareness in society, which has become the channel’s forte and has also earned them YouTube’s Silver Play Button. To check out their videos, subscribe to the channel, and follow them on Instagram @faridabadrockers.

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