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Team CRly raids on two Running Rooms in Ballarshah

A CRLy spokesperson and Assistant Commercial Manager (ACM) SG Rao called the raid a "routine search" and added.

Nagpur: The news is that in a massive raid on the discrepancies going on in the running room in Ballarshah, a team of five people of some inspectors guarding the Headquarters of Central Railway (CRLy) Mumbai seized five big sacks of incriminating documents. Done and caught a sub-contractor accepting all this. He was also caught taking a bribe of Rs 3,500 from the caretakers.

CRLy SpokesPerson

A CRLy spokesperson and Assistant Commercial Manager (ACM) SG Rao called the raid a “routine search” and added, “A lot of such searches are conducted regularly on the railways with the Vigilance Department And said that if the Vigilance Department shares all this with us, then we will definitely share the details.

However, it has also been reported from the sources that this raid is only a tip of the iceberg and it has been reported that there are many irregularities like fake and more food coupons for which they charge money, passion of the caretakers in wages, running room The people of the deployed fake employees have been doing this for the last four to five years.

The running rooms of the railways are managed by the Major Divisional Electrical Engineers (TRO). It is very shocking and astonishing that how the senior officials were not aware of the irregularities on such a large scale from their own eyes.

(RPF) A team of five people along with all the personnel of Railway Protection Force went to the two running rooms Tapti and Godavari on Monday at around eight in the morning and checked all the documents that were there.

“Every single document checked by the team people was absolutely flawed. Many vouchers of the rest of the running rooms of Ballarshah have also been found. Vigilance officials caught the sub-contractor named A. Parameshwara red-handed taking a bribe of around Rs 3,500 from a poor laborer,” said a source. A main contractor information Ambika Caterers and Decorators, Danapur Bihar had sublet the contract to Parameshwara.

CRly Sources Said

Some sources in CRly have said that the record shown that all laborers are paid Rs 400 per day, but in reality only Rs 182 per day was paid to the workers. He was asked to return the rest of the money to the sub-contractor A Parameshwara from the actual salary. A caretaker who was returning the money was allegedly for the so called extra pay.

All the officers have stated that the Vigilance Department had received complaints against them regarding some irregularities in the running room in the division of CRLy ​Nagpur. The raids were conducted only after receiving all these complaints.

Sources said that one of the sub-contractors managing Tapti’s running room had also locked the almirah and it was found to be missing. Vigilance team broke the locker on the presence of Inspector of Loco and seized all the incriminating documents

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