Television and Bollywood actor Prachi Kadam wooing the fans with her charm

A person with dreams is the person who wants to be a successful someday that’s why we never give up on our dreams whatever happens. Because our dreams are the best foundation to step up in life and we also use it as a motivation to make our dreams come true. Everyone in their life has a dream or two or three. Finding the way to achieve your dreams, goals, and aspirations is an epic journey on its own. It takes discipline, determination, and self -exploration. This is the tale of the journey that actor Prachi Kadam is still currently on.

Prachi Kadam
Prachi Kadam

Prachi who started working in the film fraternity from a very young age gave her first audition when she was 8. As a child she always wanted to be in the spotlight. She was always the ham in family friends pictures, the one who knew to excel in everything what she did, and be in the know of everything. When she was a child, she realized that entertaining people was what she was all about. Thus she started persuading acting. With no film background but strong determination Prachi gave a number of auditions. She was rejected many times but never gave up and continued acting and never backing off. She had this one dream of becoming an actor that she wanted to fulfill in her life. The interesting thing about a dream is that, as long as you do not stop trying to reach it, it is going to come true. Thus, she made sure that she gives her 100% in whatever she did.

Prachi has played a popular role Devyani in popular Marathi serial Devyani in 2004. She also played a lead in Chakuli in PUDHCHA PAAUL in 2017. She also starred in popular shows like Savdhan India, C. I. D. , Ek Ghar Banaunga, Fear Files & Gangaa and has also been a part of many commercial ads. She got a role in Sanjay Leela Bhansali production. She played the role of Sister of male lead Meezan Jaffery, Sonu which was her dream. She also is a social media star with 2million followers on her Instagram.

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