The Broken Ship: Forthcoming Masterpiece of award winning novelist of the Indian literature Silisti Karuriya

Silisti karuriya was born in Sawar Ajmer Rajasthan. Belonging from a middle-class family, she completed her basic education at her native town to sawar Ajmer. She initiated her writing skills during her school days and after pursuing her schooling, she appeared for pre-medical exams but unfortunately couldn’t crack the PMT examination and this created a bad impact on her mental health and she opted to fire up all of her writings on fire. But It was no end to this future novelist as she holds an interest in painting and creative works too. After completing her she went for admission in Post-graduation programs i.e M.Sc (Bioscience) in Banasthali Vidyapith. She got labeled herself in first rank holders and also in several prizes at academics. Silisti Karuriya participated in ‘JANUS-2016’ Quiz competition and won the FIRST POSITION, organized by the Faculty of Science and Technology at Banasthali Vidyapith Rajasthan. After admission, she wanted to be an IAS officer so she has started studying hard for civil services. But the dream of becoming an IAS officer broke under family pressure. So she went for pursuing her Doctorate aka Ph.D., where she started writing her first Book Chamde ka Lutera, and it was her first step to the ladder of success. Her marvelous success for this masterpiece was not only shocking for her family but it was way more motivating to many other youngsters and budding writers to write. “Chamde ka lutera” novel has been nominated for a web series “story to screen 2020” Apart from the novel she has written many short stories among which one story ‘Broken ship’ got selected in the golden book of world record. apart from writing the novel she has been keen towards painting and art depictions too. She has won many remarkable awards in art and paintings.

Silisti Karuriya
Silisti Karuriya

Chamde Ka Lutera fame, Her work which was judged as the Top 100 Debut Novel has got critical acclaim all across the country. Her thoughtful romantic creation was nominated for Best Fiction Award in ICMDR 2020 Mumbai along with Konark Lit Fest in 2019.The serene storyteller, Ms. Karuriya has a penchant for painting and creative works which she admits as a soul satisfying moment for her.

‘Chamde ka Lutera’novel is getting featured on one of the oldest media houses of the county that could be none other than The Pioneer. Silisti Karuriya has been featured in the The Literary Mirror E magazine along with other eminent literary stalwarts inside cover front in may 2020 edition of The Literary Mirror E magazine. Audio book of Chamde ka lutera novel is out on KUKU FM Channel. A poem “Tiraye ka tamasha” is awarded on june 2020 by presenting the citation for participating on yoga day, The subject of the online poets conference of rajbhasha E Literacy centre, Manipur, Uttarpradesh.

Chamde Ka Lutera is coming soon in Malayalam (mother tongue of Kerala) with title- Last coin. An animated short story The broken ship published in International Literary mirror E magazine of February 2020 edition. Saad india organized an online poetry competition known as Alfaaz on 27th June 2020, She too participated with a hope to learn more from others but surprisingly she won the 3rd position.

She participated in International contemporary literary second debate contest that centred on the theme; (Foreign Aid and the Nation), and got a “Best Teacher award” for her outstanding record in the field of peace, love, literature and humanity from the 9 countries of the world. Her Story [Bebasi] nominated in the shortlist of Top 10 of the coveted Story To Screen 2020 for web series and the big day came when The Literary Mirror found the right story in the form of “Bebasi” by exciting young authoress, Silisti Karuriya. which resulted in a ton of excitement among the authors as The Literary Mirror was going to adopt the best story/book into a Web Series. Ms. Karuriya has the depth of those emotions which perhaps could only be felt by a serene heart and she has made us dive deep into our own understanding of the society. “We are grateful to Ms. Karuriya for such a masterclass society and we are committed to bring that unbiased emotions on the screen.”
Her Novel Chamde ka Lutera has been nominated for the” best fiction author “in the AAGHAAZ 2020 award by AIY officials, The lit fest 2020, E- Lit Festival by Kharidobecho team Pune Sharing stories Book Awards 2020,Cherry book award and The miracle stories Lit fest 2020. Chamde ka lutera featured for the NE8X word Lit Fest 2020 and got Lit memento and certificate. Silisti Karuriya articles and achievements got featured in various media such as The Asian Chronicle, Daily Hunt, The Pioneer, The Cliff News, The World’s Mirror, Touch with World. Therealpreneur, Dainik Bhaskar, Deshbandu, Rajasthan Patrika, The Postman News, Denik Pushpanjali Today etc. Silisti got “Sahityakosh Samman 2021” (medel,awardee’s memento and badge) on Republic Day. Chamde ka lutera was nominated for the 2020 Readers Choice awards Contest by TCK Publishing. Her poem “I am not your cigarette but your cigarette’s smoke” has been selected in the National Record in Zion of earth by OMG books of records. This poem is a result of feelings outburst in a relationship and quite relatable to everyone feelings. She always hopes that people will understand her writing and these nominations and certificates inspires everybody to write better.

Focusing on her upcoming venture!

An upcoming masterpiece, “The Broken Ship” penned by acclaimed storyteller Silisti Karuriya. “The Broken Ship” written by an award-winning author Silisti Karuriya will immerse you into a journey of a mystical universe of an ocean. Experience it through the eyes of a child.
A microbiologist by qualification and a storyteller by passion, Silisti Karuriya has carved a niche for herself as a storyteller. The Chamde Ka Lutera fame has been conferred with a seizable number of awards. Her innocence and sweetness in the thought process are vividly visible in her tales, which struck the chord of the readers.

The cuteness of characters in her stories reveals a soft side of humanity which has been her way of embarking the society to a greater good. Silisti has attempted to convey the fictional world of a small child through the story ‘The Broken Ship’. Where people are running after money. On the other hand, a child is happy in his own world. In ‘The Broken Ship’, Silisti describes the thinking of a young child by her imaginary thoughts.

‘The Broken Ship’ is a fictional story in which Silisti has attracted people of all generation from small child to old man by her fictional thinking. It includes cheese horses, chocolate horses and a queen with green hair, mermaid who takes them to a different world from real life. Silisti has an imaginary world in her mind and has written it with her pen and has recorded the ‘Golden Book of World Records.
“The Broken Ship” got selected in the golden book of world record. So stay tuned for this masterpiece.

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