The dream and journey of Aryan Arora – the musical superstar of tomorrow

Aryan Arora , also known as Aryansh Arora is from Basti, uttar pradesh, a small town near Gorakhpur. This teenager lives far beyond the limits of his city as his dreams are too big if we see the age but surprisingly he’s on his way to success as he’s,” Man with a plan ” guy.

He wishes to see himself in music/hip hop industry from a very long time but he was unable to get this good start because of his age , studies and mostly the aura around him, the place where he lives doesn’t promote these type of things. He saw that literature is a field which is highly promoted here because of the fact that one of the famous writers of india , sarveshwar Dayal Saxena belongs to his city. So he decided to join the literature field so that he might catch the limelight of the audience he wants and also support from his parents and the city.

Aryan started writing in 8th class and his work became official when he joined a book as a co-author in 2019 and as the time goes by, he raise his stakes a lot, from a co- author, to author , to record holder and then one of the most decorated writers of india. In no time he got famous all over india for his achievements and he got enormous support of his family.

Now Aryan is back to the track, his ambition to be a part of music industry. He wishes to proceed as a lyricist/rapper. Aryan’s songs are really so deep in meaning and his thoughts in such a sensitive age is quite mature. His track , ” Nakaab” is loved by the people and got 50k views and his recent cover ” Kun faya Kun ” a collaboration with Artistic Sam and Rynznor is highly loved by people. All of his songs are available on his you tube channel ARYAN ARORA and he’s ready to amaze all of us with his amazing songs real soon.

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