The Inspirational Story Of Punjabi Singer Aashi Rana

Aashi Rana is a famous Punjabi singer. In his college life, he is an excellent student. In 2013, he moved to Haryana to pursue his Polytechnic. He studied well in the Polytechnic Institute and was determined to continue his studies. As a result, he enrolled in an engineering program in Haryana. He has contributed to the industry with several hit singles. In 2016, he released his first single, ‘GF VS BF,’ which became a success. These songs can be seen on a variety of streaming platforms. He was overjoyed and delighted in his wonderful music. His friends and family members well received his song. They inspired his career in the field.

In 2019, he released his latest album, “CROP,” which forever changed his life. This song was well-received, with over 500k views on YouTube. This song attracted the exposure Aashi was hoping for.

CROP, his hit single, is still alive in the hearts of his fans. Aashi’s beautiful voice will bring tears to anyone’s eyes. He added that he has been through some difficult times while speaking of his struggles. He needs more cash to compose music consistently. Nobody was with him while he was in a bad mood. He got sad as a result of his loneliness. However, he had gained self-assurance and faith in himself.

It’s fascinating to see a guy from a lower-middle-class family make such an impression on the Punjabi music industry. His latest album has aroused great interest. This album is unquestionably going to be a smashing success. He goes to great lengths to make each of his songs captivating and intimate, which is why he has fans all over India
Aashi now owns Amp Rakaat music record label company. It’s a new brand that works on young artists with a love for singing. He doesn’t want to see someone else go through what he did. He’s looking forward to assisting them in every way he can.

Good news for his fans, Aashi is currently composing a new song, which is worth paying attention to the excitement and madness in his album. The album’s title is “Rooh Afza.” Aashi’s co-star in this song is Aarti Sharma. This well-known couple is collaborating for the first time, and audiences can look forward to some fantastic songs in the coming days.

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