The Rising Health Icon of India – Dr. K.M. Saifullah

No Dream is Too Big

Dr. K. M. Saifullah’s dream is to make AYUSH so popular that every child of our nation gets introduced to the system and knows about the basic Ayurvedic concept of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

Dr. K. M. Saifullah
Dr. K. M. Saifullah

Wears many Hats

Dr. K. M. Saifullah is an eminent Health Icon, Lifestyle Coach, Fitness Motivator, Public Speaker, and Philanthropist. He is the Chief Medical Director of Naturoveda Health World and the Chairman of Naturoveda Group. He is a BUMS and his command over Nabz Shanashi (Nadi Parikshan) is remarkable.
Dr. Saifullah sincerely believes in the power and efficacy of natural treatment systems & advocates living a healthy life by adhering to the same. He promotes the importance of health & wellbeing and is proactive in spreading awareness about ailments. He motivates people to live healthy through positive lifestyle changes.


To heal the ailing mass through the AYUSH system and make everyone aware so that it can become patients’ first choice of treatment.


To serve mankind with utmost devotion, care, and compassion by providing absolutely safe and highly effective treatment.


To deliver excellent standards of medical service by utilizing the fundamentals of AYUSH in the most affordable and completely scientific manner.

Naturoveda, the Pioneer in Natural Treatment

Dr. Saifullah wanted to deliver the utilities of natural treatment to the common people. After a lot of struggle, he inaugurated the first clinic of Naturoveda Health World at Central Avenue, Kolkata, in the year, 2006. Today, Naturoveda is a pioneer in the
field of alternative medicine; having treated more than 5.5 lakh patients. Naturoveda’s treatment methodology was founded on the Fundamentals of Ayurveda, Potentised Unani, and Therapeutic Yoga. Eradicating the disease from its root in a natural and safe manner is the core principle of Naturoveda. All the medications formulated and distributed by Naturoveda are 100% natural and potent- utilizing the time-tested Ayurvedic and Unani formulations in the most scientific manner. As Naturoveda evolved, he decided that a personalized diet with respect to the conditions of each patient is an important and necessary part of treatment.

Hence, Research-Based Diet Correction was also incorporated within the treatment protocol.

The unique Magazine, Health Companion

Dr. K. M. Saifullah’s ardent interest in researching, writing & sharing his medical knowledge for the benefit of humanity paved the way for the ‘Health Companion’ magazine. Being the Editor-in-Chief of the magazine, he shares with the readers critical information about prevalent diseases and the natural ways to combat them. The leading healthcare magazine also contains sections like ‘Miraculous Herb’, ‘Share Your Problem, Get Expert Answer’, ‘Yoga and Health’, ‘Celebrity Corner’, ‘Myths and
Facts’, ‘Healthy Recipes’, ‘Health Updates’ and loads of tips to prevent diseases and disorders.

Strong Team Of AYUSH Medical System

A strong team of Ayurvedic, Unani, Homoeopathic doctors, Yoga gurus, and other healthcare providers is working tirelessly under the able leadership of Dr. Khalid Md. Saifullah to provide the best quality AYUSH treatment in Eastern India. The clinics are located at several prime locations and have all the modern amenities and
Dr. K. M. Saifullah felt the importance of yoga almost 25 years back and incorporated it into his treatment system. On the same
note, he also spread the therapeutic benefits of Yoga through various leading newspapers, hoardings, and social media. He does not only preach Yoga but practices as well.
He cited the example of two patients with severe panic attacks, one is being treated using a large dosage of ‘Alprazolam’ and another through Yoga e.g. Pranayama, Sabasana, etc. He claims with authority that the patient who got treated through Yoga will get better and faster relief than the patient who has been under a large dosage of sedatives.

Visit to know more about the unique treatment protocol in detail.

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