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The sudden change in weather brings cold waves back in Nagpur

Rainy showers in winter season is so uncommon and unexpected. The rainy season doesn’t wish to end this year, it seems. Nagpur, parts of Chhattisgarh and parts of Madhya Pradesh are experiencing rainy showers from the last two days almost. People woke up to a foggy Friday morning. This has brought the cold waves back with people turning up on the streets in their winter wear for the morning walk.

In the early hours of Friday morning, slight drizzles were seen that continued later. This sudden change in the weather has brought cold back with slight waves. The temperature too dropped down with this chilling cold across the Nagpur City. According to the predictions of Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), it would continue to rain the whole day, on Friday. On Thursday, 6 mm of rainfall was received by Nagpur. The reason behind these unseasonal rains is the AntiCyclone prevailing over the Bay of Bengal. The humid winds are being carried away to the Telangana and Vidarbha regions.

A Confluence Zone has been formed due to the merging of dry and cold winds from northwest direction. A low-level trough is travelling from South Karnataka to Vidarbha and then North Karnataka. It is expected to rain for two more days. The weather activities will then take a shift towards the East side. Still, light showers will persist and the weather won’t turn dry. It is been reported that the moisture present in the atmosphere has caused the rains since the last two days.

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