The Vibrant Haldi Rasam Of Our Favourite Youth Icon Atul Kishan Sharma

Atul Kishan Sharma is one of our favourite youth icons. He has been a person to look up to for quite some time now so much that people idolise him and want to plan their future just like he has from a very young age. He has managed to achieve a lot of success, and has made a number of life achievements that people usually fail to do so even after trying very hard for years. It was his dedication and self commitment that has brought him to this point in life, but there was one thing that he was lacking and it was the perfect life partner who would stay by his side forever.The time has come for him and now it is not a secret anymore.

We all remember that time when there were rumours about Mr Sharma getting married because one of his friends accidentally posted about the information online, and a number of press releases were also made assuming whether the news was true or it was a stunt or prank. However, a few days ago we observed that his Instagram account was flooded with wishes because he himself had uploaded a few pictures of him getting engaged. It was not surprising because people already knew that something big was coming up, as there were a number of auspicious preparations that went on.

Atul Kishan Sharma is now an engaged man! Today was his haldi ceremony and people were present to celebrate this occasion also, and remain by his side while he begins a new chapter in his life. His future wife is probably somebody very lucky to deserve this young man who is so talented, loving and very humble.

One of his verified Instagram stories pointed him out standing in front of his fully decorated house with ‘groom to be’ caption, people are obviously going bonkers over this. His fans are so excited about his marriage that they cannot simply contain their excitement an his Instagram direct messages are flooding with requests to share more details, but we have to be patient and keep following his accounts to know more.

If you want to look at the recent engagement pictures, you might visit his account, that is if you already have not. Full of amazing pictures with friends, family and relative. Stay tuned for the marriage updates!


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