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Tigress moving through wire, survived rescue attempt

This tigress was first caught on camera in the last week of the month of May and then from the images, it is revealed that the net has wound badly around the neck of the tigress.

Chandrapur: The rescue team of the Forest Department chasing a 5-year-old tigress of Warora range, who was roaming around with a wire tied around her neck for the past 6 months. Even after darting the kitten again on Sunday, she has completely failed to save her. And the authorities have made it that long before the forest workers could reach this tigress. The tigress escaped with a dart stuck to her body.

tigress rescue

This tigress was first caught on camera in the last week of the month of May. And then from the images, it is revealed that the net has wound very badly around the neck of the tigress. Then later it is also revealed that this tigress is also pregnant. And now it is also learned that the tigress is still carrying the garbage with her.

The Rapid Response Unit (RRU) of District Chandrapur Forest Division is now carrying out the rescue operation on it. Sources have told that on Sunday morning while sitting on the scaffold along with the range forest officer, biologist, and veterinarian. The forest department’s shooter successfully caught this tigress in compartment number 10 in Shegaon beat.

Chief Conservator of Forests, NR Pravin has stated that this is not the first time that a tigress has survived the rescue effort. He has also said that Dart has completely failed to deliver enough medicine into the body to make the tigress unconscious. Because of this, the tigress had run away. And it has also been claimed that similar incidents have happened with other tigers in the past as well.

Rescue Team Found

Sources related to this operation have claimed on Sunday that this tigress had been killed at around 6 am. And then they went away after the dart hit. He has also told that an immediate search operation has been started to trace this tigress.

The rescue team found this tigress lying in the thick bushes at some distance from the same place where she was darted. However, until this tigress could be traced. By that time, the effect of the medicine on the tigress seemed to be diminishing. Sources have said that as soon as the forest workers tried to approach the tigress, the kitten stood up and then ran away.

Chief conservator of forest, NR Pravin has said that despite this unsuccessful attempt. The search operation of the tigress will continue. Sources have claimed that the help of the Special Tiger Protection Force (STPF) has also been sought from Tadoba in this operation.

The officials have also claimed that the dart will also fall if that tigress moves forward. Experts have claimed that if it is done using 1 special collared needle in the dart. Then the chances of this tigress falling on her own are very less. Experts have said that similar needles have very fine hooks that ensure that the dart does not fall. Sometimes pliers are also needed to remove a similar dart from a tranquilized animal.

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