Tina Datta will be sent to the secret room? No eviction anytime soon for the Uttaran actress

One of the main reasons behind this is also said to be the re-entry of Sreejita De into the show.

If the news is to be believed then the biggest twist is going to be seen soon in the reality show Bigg Boss 16. As you all know that the news is also coming that Tina Datta is out of the show. However, it is also being speculated that the actress may be sent to a secret room instead, where she will be able to see all the happenings in the house.

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Talking about the same, reports are surfacing that the makers may not eliminate Tina Datta and instead send her to the secret room. It is also being said that the makers will keep the Uttarayan actress in the room for a few days before bringing her back to the main house. She will watch all the events happening in the show during this time.

One of the main reasons behind this is also said to be the re-entry of Sreejita De into the show. The actress who was also Tina Datta’s co-star in Uttaran and former close friend was evicted from the show in the first week itself and recently entered the house once again as a wild card. Since Sreejita started targeting Tina right after she entered the show, it doesn’t even seem like Tina can be evicted so soon. There could be huge drama and chaos when Sreejita’s entry.

Since Tina Datta’s game was not liked by many fans of the show, there were some netizens who were very upset to hear this. One of the netizens said, “We can’t tolerate her again. Dayan doesn’t leave the past so easily perhaps. Another Rang Bahu getting a favor from Bibi. Pre got Anki from the start. Nimrit has daily counseling. Tuna gets recess and individual tutoring. Artists from other channels – please stay away from this show. Another user said, “She doesn’t even deserve to be sent to the secret room as she is no threat to any member of the house. What other content than fighting, making up, and hugging Shalin.”

Well, now the upcoming episode will prove whether this news is true or not. Tina Datta has also been accused of allegedly creating a fake love angle with Shalin Bhanot. Some eagle-eyed fans have also noticed that the actress looks at the camera while hugging Shalin.

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