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Traffic Congestion Continues in Ajni

Traffic Congestion continues to take an ugly turn as the roads over the railway over bridge at the Ajni Railway station remains stranded. Despite the assurance from the city civic body called NMC, the fixed iron pols over both the ends of the Railway bride remains the same. As we see the bridge is becoming older with time and has now turned weak to sustain the heavy traffic and thus accept the heavy vehicles like tractors and trucks, it is losing strength.

The very poles have now become the cause of concern for the slow or heavy traffic over the bridge. In the evening, during peak hours, the route is now witnessing a very slow movement of traffic as the signal seen going towards the Medical Square blocking the constant movement of the vehicles. The key reason for the traffic jam is the improper signals.

As per reports of the NMC, the bridge is no more safe for moving heavy vehicles particularly during peak hours. It can collapse the bridge leading to some major accidents as it is too weak to be broken at any moment. As per reports, the bridge has been there for more than 100 years and needs immediate attention. The poles installed for its sustenance can be easily passed by the four-wheelers including the trucks that further cause the traffic jam. Stay tuned to know more about Nagpur city only with us and if you have anything to comment, do let us know more on it as under.

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