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Traffic jam stalled the movement of vehicles, Rs 2.88 lakh looted from woman while boarding the bus at Mor Bhawan

According to sources, more than five thousand four wheelers and about 10 thousand two wheelers pass through this main road in Sadar every day.

Nagpur: Vehicular movement has come to a standstill due to heavy traffic jam in the busy Sadar area of the city. The situation on the main road in Sadar from Liberty Square to Raskunj and from Haldiram Square to Ashoka Hotel is very dire.

traffic jam stalled

And even before the construction of the flyover, there has been a problem of over-congestion, traffic on the main road. Because hundreds of vehicles are parked right in front of the shops. Due to which it becomes very difficult for the pedestrians to pass through that road.

According to sources, more than five thousand four wheelers. And about 10 thousand two wheelers pass through this main road in Sadar every day.

On this road up to about 500 meters, such a huge vehicle creates traffic problems. And then also puts pressure on smooth traffic. The biggest reason for this traffic jam is that there is haphazard parking of all types of vehicles right in front of shops and hotels. And the road becomes narrow. Because of this the traffic becomes very difficult.

In view of so much disturbance of traffic on this Sadar road, the Traffic Control Branch of Nagpur district must take some step or the other to solve the problem arising out of the peculiar design of Sadar flyover.

Rs 2.88 lakh Robbed from Woman

Nagpur: A middle-aged woman living in Amravati was robbed of cash and gold ornaments worth around Rs 2.88 lakh while boarding a bus at Mor Bhawan stop in the city in the afternoon hours of Sunday. Unknown thieves snatched the woman’s handbag and then stole the valuables as well.

looted from woman

The victim, Ratnamala Manohar Kalkar (50), a native of Chandur Railway Tehsil, District Amravati. Arrived in Nagpur city and was boarding the bus at the stop of Peacock Bhawan in Sitabuldi to Amravati on a Sunday at around 3 pm. When the woman was boarding the ST bus.

Then some unknown thieves snatched the purse of that woman and also a small purse full of gold ornaments. 300 cash and 2 SBI ATM cards have also been withdrawn. These thieves have collectively looted Ratnamala worth about Rs 2.88 lakh.

On the complaint of the victim, Ratnamala Manohar Kalkar, Sitabuldi PSI Kondiba Kejgar has registered a case under section 379 of IPC and traced the accused.

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