Trishna Pritam Is Fond of Travel and wants to See the world apart from being an actor in Bollywood and Tollywood

Trishna Pritam
Trishna Pritam

Trishna Pritam always wanted to be an actress. Hence when she told her family about her decision, they respected and supported her. Her father who is an ex-Naval officer has given the basic discipline in life apart from giving her the chance to see different coastal locations like Kerala (where she was born), Goa, and other places. She started her career in South Indian films doing a few Tamil films. She also worked in Kannada and other South Indian films.

She then headed to Mumbai and got her skilled groomed at one known acting school. She joined theatres, she also got the chance to visit the US visiting the New York film city and Los Angeles. She did a couple of workshops and crash courses. She loves traveling and wants to move around to different places. She aspires to see every nook and corner of this world once she gains the stardom in the mainstream films. Currently, she is working hard to get a big break and make her career stable.

Of all the different hobbies, she loves traveling and has the passion to move around to different places. She travels a lot and plans her visit to different places as it helps her explore people, culture, and other things giving her an enhancing experience. She intends to allocate a budget for travel once she is a regular face in mainstream media. Her love for travel can be found at her Instagram page, which is filled with so many photos of her travel stories to different places. Amid the COVID 19, she seems to be stuck for a while but will continue to travel a lot in the coming days.

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