Tweets of Nagpur Today: Check what is trending for the city

The city has embarrassed Social Media the way the other world has opted it as a powerful media to share, communicate and discuss on various issues in the media. Nagpurians seems not be lagging behind in this domain and they make sure to keep the issues of the city trending to catch the attention of the local authorities to keep their city clean, green and peaceful.

MPCB Trend – The hashtag surrounding MPCB seems to be trending on the Microblogging site called Twitter. One of the users from Nagpur on Twitter raised the issue as to how Rail Minister services to transport senior citizens from one place to the other on the Railway Station. The user complained about it saying how he has to face the problem while availing the services to transport the senior member of his family turning to a ridiculous situation.

The other user raised the issue as to how the irresponsible people throw their trash at places that are not meant to do so. He cited the example of Narendra Nagar where the garbage has been thrown in front of the gate. The other user claimed that MPCB has become inefficient and ineffective when it comes to playing a good role in cleaning drive in the city. Stay tuned to know more about it and others only with us. Stay tuned to know more about it and others only with us, meanwhile you can even comment below and let us know more on it.

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