Umar Riaz gets support from Family and Fans

After getting physically hurt & abused by Simba , Umar gets support by Fam

Bigg Boss 15: ‘Equity for Umar Riaz’ patterns after he is called ‘aatankwadi’ by Simba Nagpal; Himanshi Khurana and others post furious tweets

Umar Riaz affirms Simba Nagpal said he ‘seems as though a fear monger during assignments’, fans request his expulsion

In a clasp that was shared on the web, Umar Riaz was seen telling Ieshaan Sehgal, “He continues to say tera koi astitva Nahi hai. Brother har cheez ko mat le yaar! Bhai mai ek cheez tere ko batata hu. Aise teri aankhein badi blameless hain. Lekin punch tu task me hota hai na, atankwadi lagta hai (He continues to let me know that I don’t have a personality. Try not to think about everything literally. He tells me ‘your eyes are guiltless yet when you go for the undertakings, you resemble a psychological militant).”

In the new Live feed of Bigg Boss 15, watchers were stunned to see Simba Nagpal push Umar Riaz brutally into the pool. While Umar got saved as he fell straight into the water, watchers are irate that nothing was said to Simba by Bigg Boss. They took to Twitter to communicate their failure and began the pattern ‘Equity for Umar Riaz’. They likewise hammered Simba for clearly calling Umar ‘aatankwadi’ (psychological oppressor) during the assignments and advising him not to wear Surma. Here’s how individuals are erupting at Simba on the web.

Asim Riaz’ sweetheart Himanshi Khurana got down on Simba for utilizing the word ‘psychological oppressor’ for Umar. In her furious tweet, she expressed, “Chahe support kro ya nahi kro …. yaha galt sahi lagta or sahi galt…kitna bhi bolo kuch nahi sharpen wala ..however kisi ko boli hui baat hmesha uska picha krti hai. but har saal yaha decide Badal jate..terrorist is that a word you are utilizing for an individual? In any case, fir Bhi Simba hello there sahi Hoga.”

A fan approved the demonstration and stated, “@BiggBoss this is an intense issue, @realumarriaz might have a genuine head injury Because of it. This isn’t simply hinsa, it’s disdain for him. Simba is a disgrace for everybody.”

Bigg Boss 15’s removed challenger Vidhi Pandya upheld Umar. She stated, “Yes I’m mindful of this, Umar had imparted this to me in the house, however, he let go saying ke sweet hai I’m certain he didn’t mean it, yet it’s off-base and it’s the attractiveness of Umar to give up something so pitiable. Stay solid Umar. You’ll go through this.”

Andy was more explicit in his tweet and called it ‘Islamophobia’. He tweeted, “#SimbaNagpal ne #UmarRiaz ko Atankwadi lagte ho kaha? Surma mat pehena karo? #WTF like genuinely? This sort of oblivious #Islamophobia is viewed as typical. Allow me to let you know it isn’t and it’s NOT satisfactory! #BiggBoss15 #BB15 #UmarArmy.”

Fans feel Simba should be shown something new. Another client said, “In case of #UmarRiaz is informed that he resembles ‘Atankvadi’ by his looks, anything that might be the aim, #SimbaNagpal should be shown something new! The person might look blameless yet needs to keep an eye out for his words and be aware of the affectability in question! @realumarriaz, stay solid amigo #BB15.” Now fans are requesting Simba’s removal and #VikasGupta drove Arshi khan into Pool in #BB14 and got promptly expelled. So the thing #SimbaNagpal is doing in the house at this moment?? #JusticeForUmarRiaz.

Asim Riaz’s fan club stated, “CHIMP CHIMBA doesn’t get removed then this entire show design is fixed…we should speak loudly against BB…this has left hands at present.”

In the wake of being harmed, Simba got to carrying out his home responsibilities. A client shared this photograph and tweeted, “He is Injured n in Pain Still He is Cleaning The Living Area coz Its His Duty To Clean It…He Never Complained About Anything.”

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