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Unlock 2.0 in Nagpur – The Dos and Donts

As the nation still fights the COVID 19 virus, we see things turning smooth in normal life. Now, we see the authorities declaring the unlock 2.0, which will remain the same like the unlock 1.0 as the state has extended by 31st July for obvious reasons. Now, as the civic body has added some relaxation at home, we see the citizens given some added responsibility in the form of preventive measurements. The following are some of the dos and don’ts, which you are supposed to follow once you step out from your home:

Say No to Physical Contacts 

The virus is seen spreading with physical contact, hence it is important to observe the social distancing. You are supposed to maintain six feet to the other person and maintain the safer distance while one is seen sneezing or coughs. 

Always Wear a Mask 

The other key thing to remember is wearing the mask all the time when you step out in the unlock 2.0. Using the same will hamper the spread of the virus through airborne methods in the area. Always use a fresh mask, however, for using the used one, make sure you wash or sanitize the same. 

Follow Workplace norms 

Before you use the table, chair or desktop at work or any other thing make sure you sanitize and clean the same properly. Cleaning the surface is a mandatory thing, which you need to follow before you step inside your offices during the unlock 2.0. The offices are open only in the non red zone, but preventive measurements like social distancing, cleanliness and hygiene is a must to consider. 

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