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Vidarbha share for 1.7 crores in India’s 100 crore vaccine doses

Number-wise, Nagpur district has topped the region with around 42.60 lakh COVID-19 doses. And then it is followed by Amravati (17.11 lakhs) and Chandrapur (17.20 lakhs).

Nagpur: Vidarbha has given 1,70,07,424 vaccine doses of coronavirus till the date of 21 October. When the whole of India had reached the milestone of 100 crore doses of covid-19. This means that in India close to 1.7% of the total dose in the country was given in Vidarbha.

Number-wise, Nagpur district has topped the region with around 42.60 lakh COVID-19 doses. And then it is followed by Amravati (17.11 lakhs) and Chandrapur (17.20 lakhs). In Gondia, Bhandara, Yavatmal, Buldhana, and Wardha, more than one million people have been vaccinated against COVID-19.

Only Gadchiroli and Washim have given less than 10 lakh doses of covid-19. On Thursday, out of 8,609 covid-19 tests conducted in the region in the last 24 hours, only 12 are new. Cases of covid-19 have been reported. Whereas in this 19 patients of covid-19 have been completely cured. No death was reported on Thursday. Now, Vidarbha has only 112 active cases of covid-19.

The overall covid-19 test positivity is less than around 0.15%. Except Nagpur district, no more than 20 active cases of covid-19 have been found inside any district.

Akola: Out of 350 tests of covid-19 conducted in 24 hours in this district, not a single positive has been found. Treatment of 13 covid-19 patients is going on in Akola district after only five were cured within a day.

Washim: Not a single new case has come to the fore in the district. While 1 patient has recovered well. At present treatment of 9 covid-19 patients is going on.

Buldhana: 418 coronavirus tests were done in Buldhana district. And 2 new coronavirus patients have been detected. A coronavirus patient has been cured on Thursday. In which 14 coronavirus patients are being treated.

Gondia: In this district, 129 tests of all coronaviruses done in 24 hours have come negative. At present, treatment of only one covid-19 patient is going on.

Bhandara: After about 10 days in this district, 2 new covid-19 patients were found. A total of 263 covid-19 tests have been done.

Gadchiroli: 1 new covid-19 patient has been found in this district. Now there are 8 active covid-19 cases.

Wardha: The test report of all 386 covid-19 in the district has been found negative. Treatment of 2 covid-19 patients is still going on.

Yavatmal: Treatment of 6 covid-19 patients is still going on. Out of the 660 covid-19 test reports received in the district, only one has been found positive for coronavirus.

Amravati: All the 225 coronavirus samples tested in this district were negative. And on Thursday, no one died in the district. The recovery of one patient has brought down the number of active cases to 5.

Chandrapur: On Thursday, the treatment of 19 coronavirus patients was still going on after 2 new coronavirus cases and 1 person got cured. No casualties were reported in the district during the day. The district’s caseload has risen to around 88,793, including around 87,232 recoveries and around 1,542 deaths.

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