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VNIT closed campus after 4 students were found to be Covid positive

The infection has spread on the campus after BTech students appeared in physical classes between December 20 and 23.

Nagpur: VNIT in the city has closed the campus after 4 of its students tested positive for coronavirus. And asked every single student to return home. But classes will continue in online mode.

vnit closed campus

The infection has spread on the campus after BTech students appeared in physical classes between December 20 and 23. For the first time since the outbreak of this pandemic last year. About 600 students had reached the campus for classroom teaching. Which would resume from the date of January 3.

The institute has also completely stopped all physical classes for MTech and Ph.D. students. Those who had resumed participating individually from the date of 15th November. They should have been on campus to participate in the practicals.

Based on the current coronavirus situation, the new date for resumption of physical classes has been set as February 18.

The decision of this institute has left many students, especially from far-flung places and abroad, in dilemma. And at the same time, it is almost impossible for foreign students to return. Because the airfares have increased by about Rs 50,000.

This decision has not gone down well with the students at all. Some students have also pointed out that this is inappropriate. It’s his last year. They will never go to campus again at all. He was eagerly waiting for the campus life, classroom teaching, and practical experience.

Examination results were pending

Additional Municipal Commissioner Ram Joshi has also said that the coronavirus positive students have been shifted to MLA Hostel Covid Care Center and AIIMS Nagpur.

A spokesperson of VNIT has said that one building is reserved for the quarantine of students coming from different countries and cities.

The spokesperson also said that around 310 students are still in the hostel, while 242 have returned home. They came to know about the positive covid cases only from the students. NMC officials have not informed them at all. They have also allowed these students to travel to their hometowns after giving samples.

The students blamed the campus administration solely for causing the outbreak. He has said that there was no check on the movement of students whose examination results were pending. Everyone was allowed to have food in the normal mess. These students were fully prepared to stay in the rooms, but no arrangement has been made in any way to deliver food at the door.

He has also said that the testing has led to overcrowding and some people had gone out to get the test done free of cost.

The spokesperson also said that the tests were later conducted free of charge.

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