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When the penalty amount updated in system, it will applied automatically: PI

Jagvendrasingh Rajput said that once the fine amount is fully updated in our system, then it will be implemented automatically.

Nagpur: Even though the Maharashtra government has announced that fines for various traffic violations including driving a two-wheeler without a helmet and a four-wheeler without a seat belt will be increased. Nagpur Traffic Police has not received any information about this till now.

various traffic violations

But the senior PI whose name is Jagvendrasingh Rajput. He has said that once the fine amount is fully updated in our system, then it will be implemented automatically.

The move has now been well received by traffic experts. The Deputy Chairman of MP and MP Road Safety Committee named Dr. Vikas Mahatme. He has said that Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari had amended the MV Act in the year 2019 to save lives in road accidents. It has been stated that this penalty was increased for not generating revenue.

Mahatme has now urged every motorist to follow the MV Act properly, Which has been made for the safety of all of them.

Arrangement to ensure 100% recovery of fine

Janakrosh member and Traffic expert named Ashok Karandikar. He said the increase would act as a deterrent to motorists “only then the violations would be curbed”. “For 100% recovery of fine Separate arrangement,” he added.

Ashok has also told that this enforcement of traffic rules and regulations should be implemented only for 24 hours. This fine is being imposed on the violators during the working hours of the traffic police (from 9 in the morning to 7 in the evening or till 8 in the night).

Currently, driving without a helmet attracts a fine of around Rs 500 and without wearing a seatbelt, a fine of up to Rs 200. From January 1 to October 27, 41,092 and 1,91,920 four-wheeler and two-wheeler drivers have been fined respectively, According to traffic police data.

However, the police are still taking action. And in about 10 months, about 7,77,935 violators have been punished for various traffic violations. And about Rs, 9.95 crores has been recovered as fine. It has completely failed to reduce the violation.

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