Why Did Aarhaan Khan Ask His Close Friend Rashami Desai to Make Distance?

Arhaan Khan, another evicted contestant of Bigg Boss season 13 had been in the headlines juts within the two weeks of his tenure in the show. He got an entry into this house as a wildcard contestant. The performance of Arhaan was really impressive and even loved by the audience. He was a close friend of Rashami and some routers are did come out that they both were in a relationship with each other.

Their friendship is unique because they do fight every time but, still tend to resolve it very quickly. Rashami also confirmed that they are best friends and she finds a great comfort level with him.

However, since some time, the duos were facing a bit of nitty gritty things going around them. Surrounded with some hot conversations in the house, Arhaan and Rashami, the close friends were playing a bit on their own in the Bigg Boss house.

In fact, Arhaan even said Rashami that she can maintain some distance from him. Aarhaan further even said that he doesn’t want to interrogate Rashami and thus, this is the best way for that.

Arhaan said that he didn’t like the tantrums of Rashami and he cannot face this anymore.

This statement of Arhaan gave the audiences clue that he didn’t want to play with Rashami. Even the two best friends tuned out to become rivals.

Even though, later the duos patched their relationship and were again seen being the part of the show together.

However, later during the Weekend ka War episode, Arhaan got evicted from the house.

Not only that, Rashami could be seen falling apart in tears as her best friend was getting away from the house.

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