Wonderland of magical colors and a world of themes of life – Yashi Lath

Yashi Lath’s new book titled ” The Magic of Colors ” is a non-fiction book that is based on the world of colors. The book is based on the meaning of different colors. The book includes short thoughts about the meaning of colors. She believes that colors play a crucial role in our lives. People see colors first when they look at something. Also, colors play a significant part in discovering the personalities and preferences of people. Colors include several shades that influence people’s mind and their daily lifestyles. In this book Yashi Lath has mixed the role of color psychology. She has also explained the psychological effects of colors like any other thing, colors influence people’s decisions and choices in many ways colors can tell many things about the personalities of people. After reading the book the readers will gain a better understanding of the meaning of colors and how it influences their lifestyle and decisions.

The second book titled “Tales of Life” is a non-fiction book that is based on the themes of life which people encounter in their daily life. The book includes general topics of life like the significance of memories, the importance of mental health, and understanding the world of children and teenagers. According to yashi lath, sometimes people don’t observe the themes that they face in their daily lifestyle. The book will take the readers on a wonderful journey of the themes that people face in their daily lifestyle. The book will make the readers understand the importance of life and the readers will gain a different perspective about the general topics of life.

Yashi Lath
Yashi Lath

Yashi Lath is a natural observer; she always takes her journal with her whenever she wants to observe something new and interesting. According to yashi lath, natural observation plays a major role in writing. She has included her reflections in both books. She wants her readers to take valuable lessons from her books and she is sure that her readers will understand her perspective. She has used simple language for her readers so they can understand and relate to her writings easily. The book titled “The Magic of Colors” will take the readers on a colorful journey. The readers will fall in love with their favorite colors when they will explore the hidden meaning of their favorite colors in the book. While the second book will take the readers on a wonderful journey of themes of life, the readers will be able to think more deeply about the topics that they face in their daily lifestyle.

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