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Work of repairing potholes is also bumpy ride

Poor repair of all these results in clogged pores. Due to which very large bumps are also created due to which drivers have to turn right or left to escape.

Nagpur: The BJP-ruled Nagpur Municipal Corporation spends a huge amount on the maintenance and repair of roads. But there is no accountability of any kind. Reason – The place where these pits have been repaired, there are pits only.

repairing potholes

Poor repair of all these results in clogged pores. Due to which very large bumps are also created. And drivers have to turn right or left to escape.

The general opinion of all motorists was, “The sections were filled with these potholes long ago and have become even more dangerous for motorists now.”

Nagpur Municipal Corporation had spent around Rs 7.5 crore on this patchwork. And apart from its hot mix department, the civic body has also pressed 2 private machinery – Insta Patcher and Jet Patcher – to repair potholes in the roads. And for both of these, NMC has paid Rs 2 crore each to both the companies.

Avoid These Bumps

Nagpur Municipal Corporation is also claiming to have filled more than 8,000 potholes across the city in 2021 this year. The potholes in the roads should be filled only by filling it with the scientific method. However, neither private agencies nor NMC’s Hotmix or PWD engineers follows the proper method, alleged vigilante citizen Rohit Desphande.

He blamed the poor pothole repair works of the road being implemented in an unscientific way to carry out further pothole repair works.

It has also been stated that since the Nagpur Municipal Corporation is repairing these pits in an unscientific manner. Either the surface of these roads becomes completely uneven or else completely fails to cope with the work. Due to which such accidents happen again and again.

Once the potholes are repaired by the NMC, they should subject it to even more intense rolling to level the surface, he said.

At some places, due to the poor quality of these works, the pit repair work completely failed. And they also include Katol road, Zingabai Takli road, a stretch between Japanese Garden Square, Katol road stretch.

Automobile mechanics have also reported that these uneven roads (with potholes) greatly increase the wear and tear of vehicles.

According to Deshpande, the patchwork roads make the entire city completely dilapidated. Along with this, giving an example, he has said that imagine that 1 person is wearing a torn shirt full of patch work. This doesn’t look good at all. It is exactly the same with these city roads, smooth and flat roads give a very beautiful look to this whole city.

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