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Workers make up story to steal valuables from businessman’s home

Then, later on, both of them tried to completely mislead the police by calling the crime the handiwork of an armed robber.

Nagpur: Pankaj Pandey, a 32-year-old cook, on the date of May 15 Another employee Harshal Meshram is allegedly gang-raped for burglary at the residence of his employer Amandeep Pal Singh Viz in Clark Town, Mekosabagh.

workers make up story

Then, later on, both of them tried to completely mislead the police by calling the crime the handiwork of an armed robber.

The lies of both the employees were exposed in the footage of the CCTV camera. In which their activities have been observed. It is also learned that there are around 19 CCTV cameras in the residence of the Viz family.

Pankaj Pandey and Meshram later handed over the stolen cash for Rs 57,000.

The Viz family has also found their stolen necklace in the house which was probably left behind by the two employees out of fear of the police.

Along with this, during interrogation, Pankaj Pandey admitted to masterminding the theft to repay the loan of about Rs 85,000.

After the businessman informed the police control room, the Crime Branch and Jaripatka police have swung into action.

Accused dropped a diamond necklace

Along with this, Senior Inspector of Crime Branch MM Salunkhe has also said that a camera has captured the pictures of Pankaj Pandey and Meshram going inside the kitchen and not coming out.

Salunkhe has said that Pankaj Pandey and Meshram came out of the kitchen and jumped on the roof of the servants’ quarters and then broke the tiles as well. Meanwhile, Meshram has also been injured. Along with this, Pankaj Pandey had also hit Meshram’s leg with a stick to make some marks of injury.

Under the supervision of Additional CP Navinchandra Reddy and DCP Chinmay Pandit, the crime branch has solved the matter within two hours on the basis of CCTV footage. And then both these accused have been handed over to the Jaripatka police.

Senior inspector of the crime branch MM Salunkhe has said that one of the accused had also dropped a diamond necklace in the room, But until the police could not extract the truth from him, he could not keep the cashback at all. They had already divided the stolen money among themselves.

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