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Wounded but kept fighting – Maoists, and killed

Commando, who is presently admitted ins a hospital in Nagpur and 1 towel was tied around his scalp to stop the bleeding

Nagpur: Far from the Bollywood of reel-life, even a cop who declared nearly 56 scallops in encounters with Mumbai’s underworld as well, 42-year-old Ravindra Naitam wears his badge of honor – Retrieving the bodies of about 75 Maoists killed since 2006 – with the behavior of anyone who sees real danger.

maoists killed

One of the Unsung heroes of the C60 commando unit of Gadchiroli district Ravindra had shaved a very close beard on the very second day. At the time of fighting in Mardintola forest, just near the Maharashtra Chhattisgarh border. 1 Maoist fired a bullet that touched his skull.

Commando, who is presently admitted inside 1 hospital in Nagpur district. And 1 towel was tied around his scalp to stop the bleeding. And then waited about 10 hours in pain before receiving first aid. His colleague Sarveshwar Atram, the son of 1 teacher, suffered a catastrophic injury to his right knee after he fell almost 10 feet to hit a solid rock. Sarveshwar has also been a part of many different commando operations, due to which around 70-75 Maoists have been killed over the years.

26 Maoists killed

26 total Maoists have been killed in this encounter on Saturday. Despite the numb pain, Atram fought this battle from 7 am to 3.30 pm to keep these Maoists away completely.

The commandos have said that when the question is about death and life. Then the pain becomes completely obsolete. And it completely fails to pull back the 1. If the commandos do not act on this and then do not think about the pain at all, then death is inevitable.

He has put jail on his injured knee to rest for about 9-10 hours.

Central committee member Milind Teltumbde and other senior activists are also among the 26 Maoists killed. This encounter is being seen as a major setback for the insurgent movement in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Maharashtra. Ravindra has said that after being hit by the bullet, he almost completely lost consciousness. His scalp was bleeding profusely. He told one of his friends engaged in the firing that he was bleeding. And said that his comrades also had anti-clotting kits but they were not in a position to give up firing at all to reach him. This was a very important period. He could not at all groan about his injury. But tried to make sure that there is no blood loss in any way.

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