Xpert Times and Times of UP was founded by Jitendra Kumar and Umesh Kaushik

The Xpert Times and Times of UP are the world’s leading media associations for lifestyle news, government issues, business, entertainment and more. Realising aspirations through Xpert Times and Times of UP is a major concern of musician Umesh Kaushik and social activist Jitendra Kumar. Xpert Times and Times of UP serve as media outlets. Jitendra Kumar is a founder of Xpert Times and CEO of Times of  UP, and Umesh Kaushik is  CEO of Xpert Times and  Times of UP Organiser. Both  associations are primarily achieved by providing the latest news updates. 

Jitendra Kumar and Umesh Kaushik
Jitendra Kumar and Umesh Kaushik

Umesh Kaushik is good to go to enter in an internet based business with Jitendra Kumar.Umesh Kaushik was enjoying and experienced his childhood in Jattari, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, Umesh was leaned towards music since adolescence. He has consistently cherished tuning in and making music. In certain years, Umesh got verified identifications on Spotify, Jio Saavn, YouTube, Facebook, Apple Music, Amazon and others. Umesh Kaushik is also known as an author. He has written two books of his own, 2 Stories and the book Build a Site on WP, which helped in building the website.While becoming popular, Umesh is as yet carrying on with his town existence with his folks, in spite of the fact that Umesh is seeking after his graduation from Galgotias University. Alongside music, Umesh is the organiser of Times of UP and CEO of Xpert Times. Umesh is additionally running Soni Ram Music label under the name of his late granddad. Being from a middle class family, Umesh needed to confront numerous distinctions and indecencies alongside his hard work. Umesh`s sister generally energises Umesh towards his objective. Umesh’s father Sanjay Sharma is a ranch man, Umesh’s mother Premlata has been a patron in Umesh’s life and most credit is Umesh’s mom and his more youthful sister Himanshi Kaushik who generally upheld Umesh in battling each misfortune and shades of malice. 

Jitendra Kumar is an occupant of Hathras, Uttar Pradesh, yet because of the work and oversight of news media associations, Jitendra lives in New Delhi with his better half Anjali. Jitendra began his business in New Delhi subsequent to finishing his schooling from Hathras. Jitendra Kumar is known as founder of Xpert Times and CEO of Times of UP. Jitendra Kumar has additionally made his life simple by confronting challenges. Jitendra has a place with an excited and diligent family and his comical inclination and acumen motivates further in the entirety of his work. We commonly know Jitendra Kumar as a social worker and writer. Jitendra has also written a book showing people’s attitudes to digital marketing. The way digital marketing thinks reflects the way people think. However, Jitendra believed that social support made tremendous strides in his life. Jitendra Kumar worked with the Robin Hood Army NGO to help many people and provide more. Jitendra Kumar is known as the Web Media Master. Jitendra Kumar also got a blue tick on Facebook. Together with Umesh, Jitendra  made this meeting great. Jitendra has a wealth of experience and understanding of the business, as she has been working as a business manager for the past few years. Jitendra  has become famous in  social media and entertainment. This  made him one of the many Internet media professionals of his age.

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