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Young Girl Gets Sexually Assaulted in Nagpur

Sexual exploitation has become quite common these days. Woman’s safety has become a trending topic to be focused on, these days. Nagpur again witnessed an incident in which a young girl was sexually exploited by a senior colleague of hers. The incident came to limelight on Friday.

The incident happened on 21st January, Friday when only the girl and her senior colleague were present. The survivor is a 19 year old who lives with her brother in a guesthouse and both of them work in the same company. The 50 year old accused man resides with another woman in the same guesthouse and also works in the same company where the siblings work. On the day of the incident, the girl and the accused were only present.

According to the information obtained, the girl was taking rest as she was sick. The accused sedated the girl with some spray when she woke up.

The man was trying to insert some metal instrument into the private parts of the girl. He made the girl unconscious with the help of spray when she resisted. Later, she woke up only to find herself without clothes. She narrated the whole matter to her brother who was in Saoner at the time of incident and came back next day.

The siblings tried to talk about this with the accused on 22 January but the company sent the three of them for leave. Finally they filed a complaint with the police on Friday following which the girl went for medical examination.

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