Young social media influencer – Sajid Shaikh

The first step to achieving anything in life is to believe in yourself. Sajid Shaikh is one such example of diligence and consistency that took him to the heights where he is now. He is an Indian social media influencer and is known for his attitude and action expressing videos. His videos have a tinge of self-love, consistency and fashion. His fans enjoy watching his videos and shower their love in the comment section.
Sajid took birth on 5th January 2002 in Mumbai. He studied in Doctor Babasaheb Ambedkar Vidyalaya and graduated from Ambedkar College, Wadala.

Sajid Shaikh
Sajid Shaikh

Mohammad Hanif Shaikh, his father used to be a taxi driver but with time his health dropped and he had to leave his job. Being a responsible son Sajid took care of his father and handled everything well. Rehana Shaikh, his mother, is a housewife. Sahil Shaikh, the elder brother, is the backbone for Sajid in all his works related to social media. He helps and guides him properly in making his social media handle a huge success.
Sajid started from a cake shop. There he used to make many lipsing videos and explored himself with various contents. Slowly he took hold of his work and gained love from every corner of the world. He improved his videos and gave people what they came for on his social media profile. His fans love his energy and enthusiasm in his videos that come up with a new and innovative concept every time they watch them.
On 5th January 2018, Sajid joined Instagram and by 1st December 2021, he gained more than a 2.5million followers. This proved a fuel to his charm and determination. He began with some amazing conceptual picture ideas and won everyone’s heart. He started gaining popularity and people from various corners started visiting his profile. His confidence leveled up and he began to make his videos far better and fascinating than before. Today he has a huge fan following.

#sajidzone is where you can find him and know more about him. You can also enjoy his videos and learn from them. Sajid’s videos are full of motivation, new ideas and wise things. If you would visit his profile once you would love to watch them again and again. Sajid is a true social media influencer and entertainer who leaves a strong image amongst his fans through his wonderful videos.

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