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Youva in Nagpur Comes out with a new Brand Identity

Youva is among the popular brand when it comes to the domestic stationery market. However, of late, the company has embarked on something new and fresh about Navneet Education Limited. The company has come out with a brand new and fresh kind of image. They have come out with a new logo and tagline called Think. Create.

This remains the new logo of the company having the tagline called the representation of the brand’s understanding when we talk about the creativity that come along within every youth, and then are seen committing to enable and inspiring the youth when we talk about the slogans like Thinkers and Creators.

We see altogether a new identity which is believed to be the creation as a force that tends to reside in the life of every single person. The new brand identity of the company can be called a new and fresh force that are seen adding up in every single person. It helps in creating a sharp and unique positioning along with the visual language that helps in adding the strength of the presence of Youva amongst the youth along with the retail ecosystem.

Talking about the design, it is known to have a brand new logo along with the language that seems to have derived from the nucleus that comes out to be the key source of inspiration and creation. The officials claim that the nucleus happens to be a source of all creativity that offers energy and dynamism.

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